New year. Now with goals.


Goal 1: Write. Right.




Things to do in NY after dark: Volume 2

Hey New York………

Looking for something to do this week?

Do yourself a favor and go check out “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea”, presented by The Night Shift, New York’s newest theatre group. The show is running through Sunday, March 17th at the Theatre Under St. Mark’s. On 8th Street, between 1st Ave and Avenue A.

The show is well crafted and simply presented, and actors Danny Jones and Katie Cunningham basically knock it out of the park.

Plus, its free (yes, FREE), and only about 90 minutes.

So really, you have nothing to lose. Check out their website, check out their Facebook, check out their show.

But seriously, did I mention it was free?


A star is born

So I read this article today in the NY Times about the cats they are training/auditioning to star (yes, star) in Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway. There was an open audition call, but the amateur cats were not up to snuff. An animal agency was contacted and professional cats brought in. And from the sound of it, they aren’t that much more professional than the open-call cats. But they do have their own dressing room.

Where was I when this cat “open call” was posted? My cat is a born star, and we need to start making steps to capitalize on that!  She loves (LOOOOOOVES) people, but can be startled by noises and frantic activity, so I’m thinking hers is a more commercial career track versus the Great White Way (the stage).

First step: clicker training.
Second step: animal agent.
Third step: National commercial ad leading directly to fame, fortune and world domination.

Headshot? Got it.


Who wouldn’t buy Cat Chow from that face?

Elevator Troubleshooting

If the up arrow on the inside of the elevator door is lit, the elevator is going up. If the down arrow is illuminated, the elevator is going down. It is a common courtesy to check these simple signs before beginning to board an elevator.

If you accidentally board an elevator going the wrong direction, don’t try to override the system and make it go from 7 back to 3 and then up to 15. The other passengers may not let you live to see the 3rd floor.

Once on the elevator, going the proper direction, pushing the lobby button a second, third, or fourth time, or pushing it a really long time, will not make the elevator go faster or skip in-between floors. Look, see that your floor of choice is already pressed, and wait.

Alternately, the elevator is not a mind reader. It does not know which floor you need to get out on. You need to press that button yourself after entering the elevator.

I hope this has been helpful. Enjoy your evening.


Things to do in NY after dark: Volume 1

Its March now, February is 3 days gone and I can no longer use the February blues as my excuse for being creatively pathetic. Because I have been. My weekend to-do list for the last 4 weeks has been almost identical from week to week:

  • Rollover 401k’s
  • Work on summer photo album books
  • Work on letter ornament project
  • Drop off skirt for dry cleaning (yep, that poor skirt still hasn’t made it there)
  • Put a fake hanging plant by the cat tree
  • Plan an apartment garden for summer

Seriously, I haven’t touched those projects in a month. That all ends now.

So I bring you Things To Do in NY After Dark: Volume 1.*

Talley’s Folley.

Produced by Roundabout Theatre Company in the Laura Pels Theatre, their off-broadway space on 46th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues.

My dear friend D (ha!) happened upon free tickets last week and, knowing I’m a big Sarah Paulson fan, invited me along. I guess the show is still in previews and they were papering the house. Makes no matter, I got a free ticket to a show on my Shows To See list.

Lets rewind. Sarah Paulson. Terrific spunky actress. Even if you don’t recognize the name, odds are you’ve seen her in something. And she was terrific. Most recently, I’m a huge fan of her work on the Aaron Sorkin drama Studio 60. So yeah, she was 1/2 of the cast of Talley’s Folley, which was enough to sell me on a show I’d never heard of.

The other big selling point: Lanford Wilson. Superb playwright. He can do no wrong.

So I go into the night with two Aces in my pocket: Sarah Paulson and Lanford Wilson. And yet I was still left amazed.

The story was sad and sweet and heartfelt and true and honest, without too much exposition or story-telling mechanisms. It was lovely writing, just lovely. It was, in the end, a girl-meets-boy story. A love story. But not in a cheesy annoying predictable way. It was lovely and inspiring.

So the story, the play itself, was one surprise of the night.

The other was the second half of the cast, Danny Burstein. Good grief was he amazing. I haven’t followed the Broadway scene for as long as I should have been, so while I guess his name is familiar to some, it was not to me. It is now. He was terrific. From the very first word spoken onstage, I was in his corner. What a talent.

The actors were great, the story sweet and perfect. Now, the acting.

True. Honest. 100% committed and believable. Not once, not once did I feel that either actor was trying or “acting”. They both simply were. Even when Burstein’s character was explaining to the audience that we were there to watch “a waltz”.

And, as if great talent, superb acting and a solid script weren’t enough, the set was lovely, and the show was 97 minutes, no intermission.

Looking for something to do in NY after dark? Try Talley’s Folley at Roundabout, running until May 5th.


**In theory, these Volumes will continue. We’ll see. I don’t go out much……

Caught Up?

Tonight, for the first time in memorable history, I have nothing to do. I am CAUGHT UP.

The house is clean. I have made dinner and cleaned up after. There are no crucial bills to pay, emails to return, appointments to make, or other important grown up “life” stuff to do. The cat is being calm and not requiring my constant attention. I did not have to work late. Moving the car didn’t take forever. Neither did a trip to the grocery store. I honestly cannot remember another week night that has been this, well, empty.

Does this mean I get to break out my hobbies on weeknights now?

Since I have nothing interesting to share, I will leave you with this drawing that I finished over the weekend.

I will also spend some of my spare time ruminating on last week’s Mumford and Sons concert, the long President’s Day weekend, and plans for future summer trips. Check back soon, I apparently have some time on my hands.

Iowa-DrawingLyrics from “Iowa”, by Dar Williams

Snow Day!

Finding Nemo isn’t very high on my list of favorite Disney movies. Those fish are annoying, and I don’t like fish much anyway. Cinderella, Toy Story, The Lion King….. these are Disney movies I can get behind. Solid, well crafted characters on important, heart-warming quests. But this weekend I was very glad that Finding Nemo* found the Northeast.

New York had an honest-to-god blizzard warning for late Friday into early Saturday.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 9.34.06 PM

The snow started pretty early Friday morning, then turned to sad cold rain/freezing rain. By mid-afternoon, the snow started back and really started to stick. The MTA was remarkable, and kept all trains running the entire night.

New York woke up Saturday morning with about 10 beautiful white fluffy inches of snow. Just like in the movies. Just like winter is supposed to be.




Snow Day!

On Living….

Life is short. Live it well. Enjoy it. Spend it happy. Don’t spend it being put off and upset. Be like the man who, when he has passed, all anybody can say is “he was 94 and he lived a good life”.

Or, as my man Steinbeck would say…. “it seems to me that if you or I must choose between two courses of thought or action, we should remember our dying and try so to live that our death brings no pleasure to the world.”



On Responsibility…

A brief aside….

I entered the work force at the age of 12*. I not only believe that all men** must work to earn their way, but I also believe it is healthy for man to work. Healthy physically and mentally. It is responsibility. Acting it out, and learning it. And every day becoming a better man for it. For how else can you feel pride if you haven’t earned it?

In note of responsibility, I scheduled a dentist appointment today, for 2 weeks from last Saturday. This will be my first dentist appointment in about 4 years. I am terrified, but resigned to it. There are cavities to be fixed, I cannot ignore them any more.

Further responsibility to tackle this week includes the business of 401k’s.

Take that teeth. Take that retirement.

*Summers from age 12-16 I cleaned (read: gutted) fish for a fee fishing business run by family friends for $20 a day plus tips. On a good day, I would come home with about $35 dollars. Shortly after that was waitressing, followed by the high-school-after-school-job racket, and then college work study. Take that, Ron Swanson.

**By “man” and “men”, I mean the great human being Man. Not man as in men and women. I’m not sexist or anything. Women (and I am one) should work too! 🙂